Difference between a Split Air Conditioner & Central Air Conditioning

It’s common for homeowners and business owners that they get confused about which type of air conditioner they should buy for their home or office. Sometimes they cannot make the right choice and end up spending more than what they needed. But with the proper knowledge about these types, you can choose the right air conditioner in Dallas for your business or home. In this article, I’ll tell you about the difference between and split air conditioner and a central air conditioner. But before that, I’ll tell you a short description of both.

What is a Split Air Conditioner?

A split air conditioner is just another window air conditioner but on steroid. So, what do I mean by that? That means you’ll get the same cooling from a split air conditioner, but it offers higher capacity. Also, with a split air conditioner, you can save money as it’s more energy-efficient compared to a window air conditioner. However, it has some drawbacks like- it is a bit costly compared to a window air conditioner. Besides, it has two units- outdoor and indoor unit, and both the units need to be connected with a copper tube.  

What is a Central Air Conditioner?

The central air conditioning system is the most common cooling system in residential buildings. A central air conditioner is controlled from one place. Also, it has ductwork that connects all the rooms of your house. This type of air conditioner has many advantages like- you don’t have to install a separate air conditioner for each room, you can control the temperature centrally, etc. However, there’re some disadvantages like- if the central air conditioner needs repair, you’ll have to shut down your whole HVAC system. Besides, the cost can be an issue while repairing the unit. But if your space is big, there’s no alternative to a central air conditioner.   

Split Air Conditioner Vs. Central Air Conditioner


With a split air conditioner, you’ll have to cool rooms separately. That means, if you have 4 rooms, you’ll have to buy four split air conditioners. On the other hand, with a central air conditioner, you don’t have to buy multiple air conditioner units. You’ll have to install the central air conditioner in a place in your house and connect ductwork with other rooms in your house. That’s why if you have a big house or office space, you should go to a central air conditioner. It’ll save you time and money on installation costs.

Temperature Control

One of the biggest benefits of using a split air conditioner is that you can control each room’s temperature separately. On the other hand, with a central air conditioner, you’ll have to set the temperature of your air conditioner unit centrally.


If you’re looking to buy an air conditioner for commercial space, then you should buy a central air conditioner because it’ll save you time and money. On the other hand, for residential use, you should buy a split air conditioner. 

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