AC Repair or Maintenance: Which One is Better?

There’s a long debate about which one is better, AC repair or maintenance. In this article, I’ll try to end this debate and tell you which one is better.

AC Repair or Maintenance Dallas

When Do I Need AC Repair?

Almost all the electrical equipment, including your air conditioner, are prone to repairs. If your air conditioner stops working suddenly, you’ll need AC repair. Your air conditioner can stop working for various reasons like- thermostat problems, overheating issues, compressor problems, etc. Apart from these, you’ll need air conditioner repair when you notice that there is a leak in your air conditioner or your air conditioner isn’t producing the same cooling or have an airflow problem. If you face any of these problems, you should call an HVAC professional as soon as possible because a slight delay in repair can damage your whole HVAC system, and you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the repair.

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AC Repair Costs & Other Issues

Generally, air conditioner repairs are very costly. Sometimes, you may have to spend more than a thousand dollars depending on the issues your air conditioner has. Again, after undergoing air conditioner repair, your air conditioner may not perform as efficiently as before. That’s why while air conditioner repairing, you’ll have to make sure that the HVAC professional is qualified to handle an air conditioner. If you contact an HVAC professional who isn’t an expert in this field, you can damage your air conditioner more.

Again, if your air conditioner is more than 10 years, and needs air conditioner repair, it’s better to replace the whole HVAC system because the average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 10 to 15 years. If you try to repair an old air conditioner, there’s a high chance that the air conditioner repair won’t be useful, and according to many HVAC professionals, it’s a waste of money to repair an air conditioner which is more than 10 years old.

AC Maintenance & Everything You Need to Know

It’s recommended that you should do an AC maintenance checkup twice a year. When you do AC maintenance checkups regularly, your air conditioner will run smoothly and effectively. Besides, with regular air conditioner maintenance, you can increase your air conditioner efficiency and save money on cooling bills.

When you go for an AC maintenance checkup, an HVAC professional will check all the parts of your air conditioner. If the HVAC professional finds any faults in the parts of your air conditioner, he/she will repair those parts. Thus, you can prevent system shutdown. Also, when you repair your air conditioner parts early, you can save thousands of dollars.

Regular air condition maintenance checkup includes- lubrication, air filter change, an inspection of coils, etc. By doing regular air conditioner maintenance checkups, you can increase the lifespan of your air conditioners and your house’s overall comfort as your air conditioner will run smoothly.


So, the bottom line is that the regular AC maintenance is better than AC repair. With regular AC maintenance, you can prevent hefty repair fees and increase your air conditioner efficiency. But when you go for AC repairs after a system shutdown, your air conditioner may not regain its efficiency and performance. Considering all these points, AC maintenance wins over AC repair. 

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